Company Introduction

      Shanghai SparkSource Technology Co., Ltd, was founded in June 2019 via Shanghai Songjiang SJTU Park. The company is an independent and innovative enterprise specializing in the R & D and sales of new technology solutions and related tool products of human-computer interaction system in the field of graphics and images.

      One is ALL, our Vision: one solution for full HMI life cycle.

      One for ALL, our Value: Customers' satisfaction is our first priority.

      The company is committed to providing excellent human-computer interaction system technology and solutions, helping and accelerating the integration of multiple screens such as Cluster, HUD, central entertainment system, CO driver entertainment system and virtual control screen system in the on-board intelligent cockpit system, and providing complete solutions and tool products for intelligent cockpit graphics and image system for automobile manufacturers and Tier1, Help and improve the quality and user experience of intelligent vehicles, and greatly shorten the time to market.

      The founding R & D members of the company have been deeply engaged in the field of on-board technology for many years and have experienced many projects of iterative first-line depot. The founding sales members of the company have operated in the vehicle market for many years, have many front-line resources and experience, and are sensitive and accurate in judging the development of the industry.

      The company's main product SparkSource is a new generation of intelligent cockpit human-computer interaction system solution with independent intellectual property rights in China. The company's core technology has applied for a number of invention patents, appearance patents and software copyrights, and the relevant technology is at the international advanced level.