About Company

      Shanghai SparkSource Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent and innovative enterprise specializing in the R & D and sales of new technology solutions and related tool products of human-computer interaction system in the field of graphics and images. The company is committed to providing excellent human-computer interaction system technology and solutions, helping and accelerating the integration of multiple screens such as Cluster, HUD, central entertainment system, CO driver entertainment system and virtual control screen system in the on-board intelligent cockpit system, and providing complete solutions and tool products for intelligent cockpit graphics and image system for automobile manufacturers and Tier1, Help and improve the quality and user experience of intelligent vehicles, and greatly shorten the time to market.


SparkSource is designed and developed for a new era of advanced HMI.

Advanced HMI should be based on 2D / 3D mixed rendering, combined with multiple interactive modes such as voice, gesture and touch, and make full use of GPU efficiency and multi screen interactive characteristics to realize rich and colorful picture expressiveness.

SparkSource uses its patented graphic engine, and makes all these fancy stories simple and easy.


SparkStudio is designed for HMI engineering.

SparkStudio is the connection between product definition, UI/UX design, software impementation and system test. It integrates draft design, detailed design and low/high resolution design for UI/UX team; it facilitates feature implementation for software development team; it supports automated test for system test team. All engineering team becomes one.

The 2D / 3D scene, special effects, animation, state machine, multi screen interaction, logic flow chart and other system functions provided by sparkstudio enable designers and developers to cooperate closely and easily achieve professional results. The works designed with sparkstudio can run directly on the target vehicle, truly cross the platform and tool constraints, and realize the design, which is called what you see is what you get.

Latest Release

Version 3.0.4 - 2023-12-12

New Features:

Spark Engine

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Spark Studio